M15 Wide Field

Click on image for full size version.

Image Data: Object Information:
  • Exposure:  LRGB 120x30:24x150:24x65:24x110 seconds
    • All exposures binned 1x1
  • Telescope:  Stellarvue SV80S @ f/4.75
  • Mount:  Meade LX200 w/ super wedge
  • Camera:  SBIG ST-2000XM CCD, SBIG CFW-8
  • Location:  My backyard in Goleta, CA
  • Date/Time: 
    • September 5/6 2004, 23:56-03:51 PDT
  • Processing:  Taken  in CCDSoft v5 using custom sequence/dithering software.  Reduced in CCDSoft.  Aligned in Registar.  Combined sub-exposures with Ray Gralak's Sigma Clip.  DDP to with custom software.  5 iterastions of deconvolution in CCDSharp to Luminance.  RGB combine with custom software.  LRGB combine, levels, curves, and selective color saturation in Photoshop.
  • Name: M15, NGC7078
  • Type:  Globular Cluster
  • Constellation:  Pegasus
  • Distance: 33600 light years
  • Physical Diameter: 175 light years
  • About M15

  • In the full size version are a number of very small and dim galaxies.  Two are the most obvious: 
    • NGC7068 - at magnitude 14.7 on the right edge of the image.
    • IC5115 - at magnitude 15.7 below and left of  M15 about 1/2 of the way to the edge

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