The Moon in hydrogen-alpha light

Image Data: Object Information:
  • Exposure:  Ha 14x10 milliseconds binned 1x1
    • Custom Scientific 4.5nm H-alpha filter
  • Telescope:  Stellarvue SV80S @ f/4.9
  • Mount:  Meade LX200 w/ super wedge
  • Camera:  SBIG ST-2000XM CCD, SBIG CFW-8
  • Location:  My backyard in Goleta, CA
  • Date/Time: 
    • July 28, 2004,  21:25-21:27 PDT
  • Processing:  Taken in CCDSoft v5.  Combined and wavelet processed in Registax 2.1.13
  • Name: The Gibbous Moon

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