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Imaging automated by CCD Commander

Image Data: Object Information:
  • Exposure:  Ha G B and [SII] Ha [OIII]
    • All exposures binned 1x1
    • Ha 10x1800s, Green 18x714s, Blue 18x900s, [SII] 11x1800s, [OIII] 11x1800s
    • Total exposure time of 24.07 hours!
  • Telescope:  Takahashi FSQ-106
  • Mount:  Paramount ME
  • Camera:  SBIG STL-6303 CCD, AstroDon E-Series TruBalance Filters
  • Location:  JMSM Observatory, New Mexico (Owned by Mike Sherick)
  • Date/Time: 
    • Ha: August 21/22 2007, 23:06-05:09 MDT
    • Green & Blue:
      • August 18/19 2007, 00:04-04:34 MDT
      • October 8/9 2007, 19:56-03:12 MDT
    • [SII] and [OIII]
      • September 3/4 2007, 22:09-05:17 MDT
      • October 3 2007, 20:14-23:10 MDT
      • October 7/8 2007, 21:16-00:58 MDT
  • Processing: Taken  in MaxIM/DL v4 using CCD Commander. 
    • HaGB:
      • Reduced, aligned, combined sub-exposures, and HaGB combine in CCDStack. Color balancing, contrast adjustment, levels, curves, color balance, USM, Color Mixer (10% Ha added to Blue channel), and Noise Ninja in Photoshop.
    • [SII] Ha [OIII]
      • Reduced, aligned, combined sub-exposures, in CCDStack. Color combine, color balancing, contrast adjustment, levels, curves, color balance, USM, and Noise Ninja in Photoshop.
  • Names:
    • IC1805: Emission nebula (red) occupying most of the frame
    • PN G135.6+01.0: Very small planetary nebula near the top of the image.
      • This is very hard to see, but stands out well in the [SII] Ha [OIII] image. See if you can find it.
  • Type: Emission Nebula
  • Constellation: Cassiopeia

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