NGC6992 The eastern Veil Nebula
NGC 6992

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Image Data: Object Information:
  • Exposure:  RGB 3x20:3x20:3x20 minutes
    • RGB binned 1x1
  • RGB Combine Ratios:  2.27:1.00:1.26
  • Telescope:  Stellarvue SV80S @ f/4.9
  • Mount:  Meade LX200 w/ super wedge
  • Camera:  SBIG ST-2000XM CCD, SBIG CFW-8
  • Location:  My backyard in Goleta, CA
  • Date/Time:  August 27/28, 2003,  21:36-00:44 PDT
  • Processing:  Taken and reduced in CCDSoft v5.  Combined sub-exposures with Ray Gralak's Sigma Clip.  Curves/levels applied in Photoshop.  Unsharp mask in Photoshop.
  • Notes:  First attempt at a straight RGB.  Could have used more exposure.  An LRGB probably would have worked better.  Lots of stars - RegiStar counted 23761 stars!
  • Name:  NGC 6992, The Veil Nebula, The Network Nebula
  • Type:  Supernova remnant
  • Constellation:  Cygnus
  • Distance: 1400 light years
  • Angular Diameter:  230' x 160' (total Veil)

  • About the Veil Nebula:

    The Veil Nebula is what is left after a red giant star went supernova some 5000 years ago.  The star threw off a large amount of matter that has been speeding away from the star at about 70 km/second.  Shown above is the eastern portion of a large circle of gas.  The entire Veil Nebula covers an area over five times that of the full moon.
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