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M97 and M108NGC 1499: The California NebulaTwo Hearts: IC1805Sh2-129 & vdB140M16 & M17 NarrowbandvdB133Head of the Pelican NebulaPickering's TriangleIC1396A & vdB142 - The Elephant Trunk NebulaUnnamed nebula in CygnusM20 - The Trifid NebulaM8 - The Lagoon NebulaIC1284M1 - The Crab NebulaNGC 6995 - SE Veil NebulaNGC 7635 - The Bubble NebulaM27 - The Dumbbell NebulaNebulosity around Gamma CygniThe Cone & Foxfur NebulasThe Horse Head & Flame NebulasThe Flaming Star Nebula (IC405)The Wtich Head Nebula (IC2118)The Cocoon Nebula (IC5146)Bernard 142&143, the "E" NebulaNGC7000 The North American NebulaNGC7000 The North American NebulaM8, M20, & More Wide FieldRosette NebulaOrion's SwordM52 & The Bubble NebulaThe Eastern Veil NebulaThe Pelican NebulaM8 The Lagoon NebulaM20 The Trifid NebulaThe Cone NebulaThe Running Man NebulaM27 The Dumbbell Nebula (film)