M106 Wide Field
M106 Wide Field

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Image Data: Object Information:
  • Exposure:  LRGB - 30x300s:14x300s:14x130s:14x220s
    • All binned 1x1
  • Telescope:  Stellarvue SV80S @ f/4.78
  • Mount:  MI-250 GoTo
  • Camera:  SBIG ST-2000XM CCD, SBIG CFW-8
  • Location:  My backyard in Goleta, CA
  • Date/Time: 
    • L: April 2/3, 2005, 23:47-02:54 PDT
    • RGB: April 4/5, 2005, 21:26-00:49 PDT
  • Processing:  Taken  in MaxIm DL v4 using CCD Commander 100% UNATTENDED while I slept!  Reduced in CCDSoft.  Aligned sub-frames with RegiStar.  Combined sub-exposures with Ray Gralak's Sigma Clip.  DDP and Flatten background with MaxIm.  LLRGB Combine, curves, levels, selective sharpening/blurring in Photoshop.
  • Names:  M106, NGC4217, NGC4248, NGC4220, NGC4346 and many others.
  • Type:  Galaxies
  • Constellation:  Canes Venatici

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