The SV152 arrived on October 4, 2005. The box weighed in at 85 pounds!

The first thing out of the box is the beautiful Scopeguard case. The case alone is heavy and very rugged. I weighed the empty case at about 35 pounds!

Mamma and baby!

The SV152 and the SV80S, side by side. Both scopes have their dew shields retracted. The 80S could get lost inside the 152!

The business end of the 152.

The focuser. SV152 SN 0004.

This focuser is a monster!

The tail end of the scope.

Here it is on the MI-250 mount. The scope is massive.

Close-up of the scope on the mount. This is the "park" position.

Looking at Polaris - ready for alignment!

A little further up the hill looking down into the shed.

First light image - M27. Click on image for 80% full size.

18x5 minutes with the ST-10XME.

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