Casa Cielo is a 10'x10' SkyShed rolling-roof observatory.

Built April 9-12, 2006 by Dave Miller from Durango Skies.

Here is the view fully closed.

My daughter Sierra (3.5 yrs) and the Stellarvue SV152Mountain Instruments MI-250 in the parked position with the roof closed.

The pier is a 8.625" SkyShed Pier, 48" high. Dave Miller fabricated a cap for the pier such that the MI-250 can mount directly to the pier without modifying the base plate. This allows me to alternate between the permanent pier and the Mountain Instruments MI-8P pier without any modifications to the base plate.

The base of the steel pier mounted to the concrete pier (not much visible). The pier is mounted flush to the concrete. Fine leveling is done on the top plate.

Back end of the mount after opening the roof.

A closer look at the MI-250 mounting to the top plate of the pier.

The whole family (Stellarvue SV152, SV80S and F50 finder).

Looking through the front door with the roof open and the scope looking up at the sky.

View of the entire observatory with the roof open.

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